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How to Grow Your Flat Butt Fast (17 Glute Exercises)

Optimise your lower body training with these great exercises.

Learn how to grow your flat butt fast with this extensive deep dive into glute training.

Jeremy Ethier (B. kinesiology), the popular youtuber and trainer, has put 17 different glute exercises to the test so that you have the right information to perfect your training.

Why are Strong Glutes Important?

“Well-rounded glutes are not only the key to a nicer butt, but they also play an important role in strength, power, athleticism, and preventing injury. To build a nice butt, it’s important to choose the right glute exercises and do the best glute workouts.”

crossfit team quarterfinal How to Grow Your Flat Butt Fast

How to Grow Your Flat Butt Fast – The Method

He explains more about his method, “In this video we test 17 glute exercises (hip thrusts, back squats, cable kickbacks, bulgarian split squats, and more) to see which ones came out on top. At the end, we combine everything into the best glute workout for women and the best glute workout for men to grow your booty faster and get you a bigger, stronger butt.”

Video – How to Grow Your Flat Butt Fast

Time Stamps – How to Grow Your Flat Butt Fast

Find the exact part of the video that interests you the most.

Lower Glutes

  • Lower Body Presses (Reverse Lunges, Elevated Split Squats, Elevated Reverse Lunges, Bulgarian Split Squats): 3:16
  • Deadlift: 4:42

Upper and Side Glutes

  • Cable Kickbacks: 6:08
  • Abduction Exercises (Seated Banded Abduction, Lateral Band Walks, Seated Machine Abduction): 6:31
  • Curtsy Lunges: 6:51
  • Overall Workout Plan – 7:21

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Muscles of the Glutes

The glutes are one of the largest muscle groups in the body, and they’re responsible for a lot of movement and help stabilize your pelvis. There are 4 muscles that make up the glutes: maximus, medius, minimus and tensor fasciae latae.

The muscles of your gluteal region can become weak due to lack of activity.

How to Grow Your Flat Butt Fast – Gluteus Maximus

The gluteus maximus is the largest muscle in the body, making up about one-third of your total body mass. It is also one of the most powerful muscles in the body, helping to propel you when walking, running or jumping.

The gluteus maximus is a hip extensor and abductor.

In addition to its role in running and jumping activities, your gluteus maximus also plays a role in everyday movements such as getting out of a chair or climbing stairs.

How to Grow Your Flat Butt Fast – Gluteus Medius

The gluteus medius is a muscle that runs along the side of your hip and helps to stabilize it.

It’s also the main abductor of your thigh, which means that when this muscle contracts, it pulls your leg outwards.

The gluteus medius also rotates your thigh outwards as well as helps to maintain balance when you walk or run.

In addition to helping with walking, running and jumping activities, this muscle also helps stabilize the pelvis and spine while you’re performing these movements.

The gluteus medius plays an important role in keeping your hips in a neutral position so that they don’t rotate too far forwards or backwards during movement (known as excessive internal rotation).

If there are restrictions in its movement range then other muscles have to compensate for this weakness by working overtime. This can lead to overuse injuries of those muscles over time.

How to Grow Your Flat Butt Fast – Gluteus Minimus

Your gluteus minimus is the smallest of your gluteal muscles. It is responsible for hip extension, abduction (moving your leg away from the midline of your body), external rotation and flexion of the hip.

The inferior gluteal nerve innervates this muscle as it passes through a tunnel in the greater trochanter of femur. This nerve also supplies sensation to this area.

How to Grow Your Flat Butt Fast – Tensor Sasciae Latae

Tensor fasciae latae, or TFL, is a muscle that helps rotate the hip. It also helps stabilize the hip and thigh. It’s one of the muscles of the glutes.

TFL attaches to both sides of your pelvis near where it meets your ilium bone and runs down to attach at the top of your femur (the big bone in your thigh).


We hope you learned something new about the glutes. They are important muscles to know and understand, as they play a role in many activities like walking, running, jumping and sitting.

The gluteus maximus is probably the most well known muscle of this group because it makes up most of our buttock area (hence its nickname “the booty”).

Use the information from the extensive video and take your lower body training to the next level.

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