What Happens If You Eat Nothing For 3 Days?

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What happens if you eat nothing for 3 days? That is what Max Posternak decided to talk about recently.

Max Posternak is the founder of Gravity Transformation, a website focused on giving tips and training guidance for people looking to improve their fitness and lose weight. His YouTube channel has over 5 million subscribers.

If you are considering doing intermittent fasting, or simply want to abstain from eating for a couple of days, discover what happens if you eat nothing for 3 days

What Happens If You Eat Nothing For 3 Days?

So, what happens if you eat nothing for 3 days? Posternak explains phase by phase what happens to the food that you ingested.

After 6-10 hours of fasting, most of the leftover glucose that is still circulating in your bloodstream will be used for fuel. If you are used to eating three meals a day or you regularly eat a high-carb diet, you will experience hunger and low energy levels by the 10th hour. This hunger pain will subside after two hours and your body will naturally adapt to this new information.

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Between 12-16 hours of fasting, your body will continue to deplete its glycogen stores while also increasing its reliance on ketone bodies. You might experience some cold now as your body is not digesting food. You will improve your digestion, cholesterol and decrease inflammation.

After 16-18 hours of fasting your body will begin autophagy, an auto-recycling process where it starts getting rid of any junk it finds be it damaged proteins, bacteria to dysfunctional cells.

After 24-32 hours of fasting your body will be out of glycogen and entirely rely on its own fat stores for energy. Your brain still needs glucose to function, so your body finds ways to make that happen, usually by separating triglycerides from fat stores into glycerol and free fatty acids which will help you not break down muscle tissue yet.

Your body will get most of the energy and glucose it needs to keep your muscle from body fat and it will boost the human growth hormone during the process.

After 32 hours you will see significant weight loss, however, this is mostly part of losing water from depleting carbohydrates as well as fat loss.

what happens if you eat nothing for 3 daysSource: Julia Larson / Pexels

Once you get to 3 days of fasting, the process of enhanced immunity, autophagy and reduction in inflammation continues. But the cons start to outweigh the pros. Fasting for 72 hours is difficult for most people without any medical assistance. The body will also begin breaking down muscle tissue and can start leading to vitamin and mineral deficiencies and digestive issues.

And that is what happens if you eat nothing for 3 days. Click on the video below to see Posternak’s full explanation.

VIDEO – What Happens If You Eat Nothing For 3 Days?

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