19 Incredible CrossFit Masters Athletes That Deserve Much More Recognition

3. David Hippensteel

David Hippensteel is a 7 -time CrossFit Games masters athlete and the champion of the 2016, 2017 and 2018 Masters 60+ Division. A former triathlete and decathlete, he started CrossFit in 2012, winning the 2013 Open in the 55-59 Division just one year later and making his first Games appearance with a fifth-place finish in 2013.

He placed 5th and 8th in his division at the Games for the next two years before earning his title in the 60+ Division in 2016 and then defending that title in 2017 and 2018! In 2019 he had a severe calf muscle strain during the qualifier but still qualified and went on to place 6th at the games even though he herniated a disc in his back 2 weeks before the Games.

A dentist and founder of Screaming Eagle CrossFit in Clarksville, Tennessee, Hippensteel’s daughter Heather Hippensteel has also competed at the Games for 4 years since 2013 on team Invictus including the year Invictus won the championship in 2014. He and his wife Carol of 35+ years have 3 other children, Jonathan, Joelle, and Troy who are also doing CrossFit among other sports.

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