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BREAKING NEWS – CrossFit Will Give Out 4 Free Passes to Athletes THEY Select to Compete at 2019 CrossFit Games

CrossFit recently released this text via fb 

“With the announcement of these four newly sanctioned events, CrossFit Inc. has announced a total of six sanctioned events on five continents, all operated by members of the CrossFit community. Each event will continue to be independently run and feature its own distinctive culture, schedule and workout programming. This development of the CrossFit Games season reflects the enormous growth of CrossFit affiliates around the world.”

“The CrossFit Games will return once more to Madison, Wisconsin, in the late summer of 2019. Participants in the individual Games competition will consist of:

  1. national champions as determined by the CrossFit Open;
  2. first-place, sanctioned-event winners;
  3. the top 20 overall finishers in the CrossFit Open;
  4. four at-large athletes selected by CrossFit Inc.”

This means that they now have the power to select 4 athletes that they deem Games worthy and give them a free ticket to the 2019 CrossFit Games, even if they don’t fulfill the qualifying criteria. So far CrossFit Inc have not released any more information about what ‘at-large athletes’ actually means. 

What do you think about this?  

Here is the original post.

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