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How to Boost Your Deadlift by 20% – Incredible Lifting Tips from Eddie Hall

Upgrade your technique. Smash new PRs.

This excellent video demonstrates lifting tips from Eddie Hall that will help you to boost your lift by up to 20%.

As Eddie explains, the “Deadlift is the most technical lift”.

He breaks the movement down into three important parts.

Lifting Tips from Eddie Hall

  • Foot positioning
  • Grip
  • Where to have the bar in relation to your body

Foot positioning

Eddie recommends shoulder width, plus half an inch to an inch.

This keeps your whole body solid and strong.

Feet Straight (like they’re on train tracks).

As much power as possible through the heels.

lifting tips from Eddie HallSource: Eddie Hall


If you grip the bar narrow then you are making the lift harder because you are fighting against your own muscle mass.

A wider grip allows you to “droop” the shoulders slightly and make the lift easier.

Wider Grip creates less travel (shorter distance) once the bar is over the knees

Where to Have the Bar in Relation to your Body

Have you noticed how the second rep is always easier than the first?

Eddie says that if your second rep feels easier than the first then your technique is sh*t.

Most people lift with the bar over the toes, way too far forwards.

If you suffer from back pain from Deadlifting then you are probably lifting with the bar too far forwards.

It’s important to think of the Deadlift as an A – B movement. Anytime you come off the straight line you make it harder for yourself.

Get the bar in the middle of your foot.

Not measured from toe to shin. Measured from toe to heel.

Rough Guide

  • Get correct foot position
  • Set the bar up over the middle of the foot
  • Reach down and grip (do not move the bar)
  • Drop the hips until the shins touch the bar
  • If needed, move the shoulders back so that they are over the bar and not in front of it*

*To do this, close your eyes and visualise yourself in a Leg Press.

As Eddie explains, “A Deadlift is a Leg Press”.

“I learnt from Andy Bolton…The first man to Deadlift 1000 lbs”


Lifting Tips from Eddie Hall – Trust the Process

Eddie talks about how he was stuck on 420Kg for four years. It was only with extensive technique work that he broke through that plateau, eventually becoming the first

“Seriously, you can add 10 – 20% to your Deadlift in a month”

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