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Train Like a Champion: 7 Tough Workouts from Sam Briggs

Sam Briggs has just won The Australian CrossFit® Championship and The Dubai CrossFit® Championship! The former CrossFit Games® winner trains with ferocity and intelligence. Be like Briggs and add these workouts into your training.


“When the workout gets tough what do you tell yourself to keep picking that barbell back up? I try not to think about the rest of the workout rather just the movement in hand … counting the reps in my head keeps my focus … and remembering to breathe ?” 

With that in mind, check out these workouts from Sam and give them a go yourself. Tag a friend that you think would love (hate) to try these with you. 


“Every 4 mins x 10

  • 1 back squat at 90%
  • 12 bench hops
  • 5 x 10m shuttles

Each round as fast as possible ⚡???‍♀️”


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