Single Online International Qualifier Announced for Three Sanctionals

The brand-new online event has been branded the “International Online Qualifier” and will allow athletes to compete a single set of online qualifier workouts, with the opportunity to qualify for multiple Sanctionals in one go.

The collaboration spans between the Filthy 150, held in November 2019 in Ireland, Wodapalooza, happening in February 2020, and the Atlas Games, scheduled for April 2020.

On their website, the CrossFit Atlas Games published: “The collaboration […] aims to streamline the qualification process for athletes and simplify the planning of their season ahead.”

The International Online Qualifier will take place over three separate weekends:

  • Aug 21-26
  • Aug 28- Sept 2
  • Sept 4- 9

Athletes can select which of the events they hope to qualify for when they register for the qualifier, with a cost of $25 per event (roughly €22). A worldwide leaderboard will be provided showing placings for all athletes involved, with separate leaderboards for each event.

Other Sanctionals are expected to be added to the International Online Qualifier in the coming weeks. The possibility of another mid-season qualifier is being discussed, according to a statement on the Filthy 150 website.

Registration for the International Online Qualifier opens July 1.


Filthy 150

  • 30 Elite individual spots per gender
  • 6 invitations per gender as chosen by Filthy 150
  • 20 Elite team spots
  • 4 team invitations as chosen by Filthy 150

Atlas Games

  • 30 Elite individual spots per gender
  • 10 athletes eligible for invitations based on CrossFit Games, past Atlas Games or Sanctional performance
  • 16 Elite team spots
  • Team winners of four competitions held in Canada


  • 20 Elite individual spots per gender
  • 30 Elite team spots
  • Individual and team invitations based on Sanctional and CrossFit Games finishes

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