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Sara Sigmundsdóttir Plans “The Most Epic Comeback in CrossFit”

“I am 98% sure that I will be a better athlete after this injury.”

The Definitive Guide to Recovery for Crossfitters

Improve your recovery, optimise your performance.

The Crossfitters Guide to Fixing Your Shoulder Pain in 30 Days

Replace pain with strength, enhance overhead performance, correct shoulder dysfunction and build stability overhead.

Get Free Knee Sleeves, Tips and Support from Annie & Co – Become an Ambassador in the Rehband Athlete Program

Tag an Annie Thorisdottir fan, sign up for your chance to win free knee sleeves and become a Rehband Athlete Program Ambassador.

The Vital Role of Cold Therapy Recovery for Athletes

Speed up and optimise your recovery so you can get back to training and competing at 100% in every session!

Important Recovery and Training Tips for Crossfitters from Games™ Athlete Dakota Rager

Improve your training and recovery tactics with advice from this hard working American CrossFit Games™ athlete.

5 Sled Push Workouts to Burn Fat and Build Mental Toughness for Crossfitters

The Sled Push is an excellent exercise to include into your training and workouts if you want to build better willpower, test your strength and burn fat.

3 Simple Exercises To Mobilise Your Shoulders for Crossfit (With No Equipment)

3 exercises that take around 10 minutes per day, designed to mobilise your shoulders, improve range of motion and reduce the chance of injury.

7 Essential Tips for Muscle Recovery and Pain Relief

From wearable tech such as the iTENS to ice baths and mobility work, there are many ways to improve your recovery and manage any pain you feel. Time to optimise your progress.

The Importance of Thoracic Mobility For Crossfitters

The variability of movements that come up in CrossFit programming place unique demands on our thoracic spine.
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