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Get Free Knee Sleeves, Tips and Support from Annie & Co – Become an Ambassador in the Rehband Athlete Program

With Regionals underway, we are all able to witness the top 1% of the worldwide CrossFit® community throwdown all across the world. We have already seen how the athletes so far have been put through grueling tests of endurance, strength, skill and mental resilience on the competition floor. Now it’s your turn to get motivated and improve your performances with brand new equipment for free!

Sign up now to become a Rehband athlete and enter to win a pair from 500 available Rehband knee sleeves and join the Rehband Athlete Program.


Rehband are offering the chance to win knee sleeves and to receive top level injury prevention knowledge and training tips delivered straight to your inbox. Follow a few simple signup steps and you’re done. You’re part of the team!  This is an influencer program where YOU become part of a Rehband Athlete team, get tips, support, offers and much more.

Tia-Clair-Toomey-SnatchSource: Rehband
Tia Clair Toomey in action

These knees sleeves are used by other members of the Rehband Athlete Program such as Annie Thorisdottir, Rich Froning, Tia-Clair Toomey, Josh Bridges and Olympic Weightlifter Mattie Rogers among many others. Annie used them when she swept away the competition in the Europe Regional to take first place in Berlin.

Annie-Thorisdottir-WeightsSource: Rehband
Annie enjoying putting in the hard work

Annie Thorisdottir: “I am so incredibly Happy and Grateful for this weekend. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the incredible support I have around me from my team and sponsors! ?❤ The atmosphere in the Velodrom was electric – thank you to everyone loosing their voices! ?”


In this fascinating video with Annie, she explains the various warm up techniques that she uses before training and competition. She takes everything into account, with a particluar emphasis on breathing, warming up nerve endings, elevating the heart rate and increasing her proprioceptive abilities. 

These warm up techniques allow her to optimise her breathing patterns, body awareness and concentration on tactics for the forthcoming training session or event. She uses the knee sleeves to help augment and support the natural movements of her body and to help her enable her full potential. 

Annie Thorisdottir Dumbbell Snatch
Train smart like Annie

Rehband were representing in Berlin at The Europe Regionals® and cheering on their athletes! 


This was Annie Thorisdottir’s 10th year of competition, and she secured one event win, two second places, and two third place finishes. Her lowest placing was fifth on event 1. She demonstrated phenomenal consistency and pushed herself hard throughout every event, wearing her Rehband knee sleeves during the events that were taxing on the lower body and put great strain on the legs. 



What you need to do:

1) Follow @Rehband on Instagram and Facebook

2) Sign up

3) Perform your very best when it counts the most – that’s where Rehband comes into the picture. We support your journey to success by providing you with;

  • A pair of FREE Rehband knee sleeves*
    Knee sleeve distribution only available in the following countries (FR, NED, SE, NO, DK, FI, UK, BE).
  • Weekly injury prevention tips and training advice from Rehband ambassadors
  • Competitions and exclusive deals
  • Advice service from Rehband’s physiotherapist
  • Inspiration from the community #rehbandathlete

Are you in? Of course you are. You have nothing to lose!

Sign up now! 

Rich Froning and Josh Bridges in action 

*Knee sleeve distribution only available in the following countries (FR, NED, SE, NO, DK, FI, UK, BE). Please note that delivery cost isn’t included.

Invite your fellow athlete friends to join the Rehband Athlete Team too! Share this link with them now. And remember to follow @Rehband.

*Selection Criteria: Registered competitor. Rehband supports the community with a total of 500 free knee sleeves. First come first serve. 500 knee sleeves are available during the Regionals.

Time to enhance your training!

Good luck! 

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