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Best Benefits of Tempo Training for Weights and How to Do It

Learn how to add tempo training into your workouts.

Tempo Training for Weights is an important aspect of training that many lifters and athletes ignore or overlook.

Benefits of Tempo Training for Weights

Tempo Training for Weights has the following benefits.

  • Builds motor control
  • Enhances joint strength and stability
  • helps improve form
  • Provides a different dose response depending on the lift
  • Tempo Training for Weights

Marcus Filly explains more, “the four numbers in a tempo prescription refer to how fast or slow you move for each part of a movement, for example, a back squat at 32X1 would be: 3 seconds down (eccentric) 2 second isometric (hold tension) eXplode up as fast as you can!

Pull-up-WODs-Athlete-Benefits of Tempo Training
Push your limits

1 second pause before the next rep For a pull-up or other movement that starts at the top, start at the 3rd number as you pull up.”

Benefits of Tempo Training

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