The Complete Guide to Six Pack Abs Training

Time for better abs.

This complete guide to six pack abs training from Jeff at Athlean X will help you build a better body.

The Complete Guide to Six Pack Abs Training

“Your chances of getting six pack abs that show year round depends on a couple of things.  First, you must be committed to following a solid nutrition plan that helps to decrease your body fat levels and reveal your abs.  Second, you need to train your abs through every one of their functions.  In this video, I give you a complete guide to six pack abs training and show you all the ways you need to train your core if you want a 6 pack that sticks 365 days a year.”

“As a trainer to professional athletes, I can tell you that we never ignore any of the ab training principles demonstrated in this video.  In order to get a fully developed six pack, you must address your ab strength, resilience, accelerative power, stamina, and reactive capacity.  Each one of these ab attributes is important to helping you perform at your best or simply look your best.”

“Ab strength is trained primarily through including weighted ab exercises into your ab workouts.  The Otis Up and Weighted Gymnast Abs are just two examples of ab exercises that you can do with weights.  If you load up heavy enough, you will be able to reach failure in the 8-12 rep range which will allow you to create some additional hypertrophy of your abs.  This is not a bad thing.  You may actually improve the perceived depth of your abdominal musculature by doing this.”

The Complete Guide to Six Pack Abs Training

“Next, you need to have resilience or anti-rotational ab strength.  There are lots of ways to do this but one of my favorite is with resistive med ball throws.  Watch as I try not to let the momentum of the rebounding ball take my in the opposite direction of my throw.  Instead, try and fight the rotation by really digging in with your abs and keeping your core as stationary as possible.  The bar walks are also a great way to control the momentum created by the twisting bar as you step forward.  While your trunk would love to follow the path of the bar, don’t allow it to.  Get those abs working hard and you’ll be able to fight your way to a six pack.”

The Complete Guide to Six Pack Abs Training

“Accelerative power is another key component of complete ab training.  Very often, athletes need the ability to generate high levels of strength from a nonmoving state.  A baseball player is motionless or close to it before he is required to generate tremendous rotational bat speed during a swing.  The abs are heavily relied upon to be able to do this.  Athletes aside, regular guys and gals not wanting to play baseball for a living must still be concerned with whether or not their ab workouts and training contain enough exercises that do this.”

The Complete Guide to Six Pack Abs Training

“Finally, your stamina and reactive capacity are vitally important to the complete function of your abs.  To get a truly impressive six pack you want to be sure that you’re training your abs for all of the things that they are capable of doing.  Stamina is crucial since these muscles are relied upon by your body to provide long duration structural support.  Reactive strength is vital to help you absorb forces that your body incurs from the outside in.”


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