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5 Reasons Why you Cannot Miss the Zelos Games

Challenge yourself and don't miss out!

Welcome to the hottest new functional fitness competition in the world, introducing the Zelos Games.

What is the Zelos Games?

The Zelos Games is an online competition, created to bring more earnings to athletes and entertainment to fans.

Born from the mind of its inspiring founder, Jared Greybeal, an entrepreneur, CrossFit level 2 instructor and TEDx Speaker, its dual main purposes are to directly give back to the community that provides so much for us all.

What are the Dates for the Zelos Games?

The Zelos Games kick off on October 4th, 2021 and go through October 24th, 2021.

There will be a 3-part open-style competition with individual workout cash prizes and an overall cash prize for both males and females.

It will be $19.99 to compete in each workout with the potential to earn $2000 for each individual workout, and $4000 for overall win.

Additionally, there will be up to a 10K value in 30 collective raffle prizes and over 2K in Affiliate prizes.

Zelos Games informateionSource: Zelos Games

A portion of all proceeds will go to Mayhem Missions to support their upcoming mission trip to Nicaragua.

How do you Register for the Zelos Games?

You can register here

  • WORKOUT 0.1 can be submitted – 10/4/21 at 12:01AM EST to 10/10/21 11:59PM EST
  • WORKOUT 0.2 can be submitted – 10/11/21 at 12:01AM EST to 10/17/21 11:59PM EST
  • WORKOUT 0.3 and 0.4 can be submitted – 10/18/21 at 12:01AM EST to 10/24/21 11:59PM EST

Learn more

Reasons Why you Cannot Miss the Zelos Games

Here are why you need to be part of the Zelos Games.

1. Entertainment for Fans

The Zelos Games is also being created to bring more entertainment for the fans.

The first 3 weeks of October they have big names CrossFit athletes like Danielle Brandon, Bethany Shadburne, Kari Pearce, Christian Harris, Dallin Pepper, Alexis Raptis and Baylee Rayl all participating in “live throwdown” that they will host from their YouTube channel.

Time and dates will be posted from their Instagram (@zelosgames).

You will get to see your favourite athlete’s throwdown and compete.

Cheer them along, have fun and get inspired for your next workout.

sportsSource: Zelos Games

2. The Prizes are Great

One of the primary aims that Jared wanted to achieve was to help athletes earn more money.

Check out below the attractive prizes that you could win.

Individual Workouts 1, 2 and 3:

  • 1st Place: $2000
  • 2nd Place: $1500
  • 3rd Place: $1000
  • 4th Place: $750
  • 5th Place: $500
  • 6th Place: $400
  • 7th Place: $300
  • 8th Place: $200
  • 9th Place: $100
  • 10th Place: $50

Overall Winners:

  • 1st Place: $4000
  • 2nd Place: $3000
  • 3rd Place: $2000
  • 4th Place: $1500
  • 5th Place: $1000
  • 6th Place: $750
  • 7th Place: $500
  • 8th Place: $400
  • 9th Place: $300
  • 10th Place: $200

*All prize money will be awarded following the 3-part series.

Working hardSource: wodshots
Push yourself

There are also a HUGE number of other raffle and affiliate prizes to be won, click here or scroll to the bottom of the Editorial to find out what they are.

3. Zelos Games is a Unique New Way for Competitors to Improve their Earnings

Jared wanted to give back to the community and come up with a way to help athletes earn more money from their fitness.

As an online comp it is accessible to everyone. With a huge variety of other prizes and raffle gifts there are ample chances to win event if you don’t win any events.

Long story short. Whatever your ability level, you can still win a prize.

4. It’s Awesome Fun and Helps Everyday Athletes Aim High

The competition is going to be a blast so don’t miss out!

We talked above about how the Zelos Games was created to help athletes earn more money, so why shouldn’t that be you?

Step it up and let your fitness do the talking. Our sport is all about working outside your comfort zone and the Zelos Games is a perfect time to do that.

5. It’s a Rapidly Growing Community that Will Help you Get Fitter

The community around the Zelos Games is one of the best parts of it.

With athletes like Rich Froning and the Mayhem crew involved, it is championing excellence and improvement at all levels.

This is a fantastic opportunity to expand your horizons and rub shoulders with some of the most inspirational people in the sport of fitness.

Check out the first workout, introduced by Rich Froning.

Zelos Games Workout 1


After signing up, you will receive a code for 50% off your 1st month of Mayhem Athlete Programming ($25 value).



  • Deadlifts 225/155lb


  • Wall Walks

Workout Instructions

You can find the full instructions below.


Your score will be the completed time or if you are time capped, your completed reps.


  • Barbell
  • Standard bumper plates (18-inch diameter) to load to the appropriate weights for your division
  • Collars
  • Tape to mark the floor for wall walks

For each workout, be sure the athlete has adequate space to safely complete all the movements. Clear the area of all extra equipment, people, or other obstructions.

Any athlete who in any way alters the equipment or movements described in this document or shown in the workout standards video may be disqualified from the competition.

Workout Flow and Movement Standards

The following standards must be met.

Workout Flow

With the athlete lying down, chest and thighs touching the ground, legs fully extended, and feet together and touching the wall, mark a tape line at the top of the athlete’s shoulder.

The edge of the tape that is closest to the wall must be in line with the shoulder.

This first line will be the start and finish line for each repetition.

Tape a second line that leaves 10 inches of space between the tape’s far edge and the wall.

This workout begins with the athlete standing tall and behind their barbell.

After the call of “3, 2, 1… go,” the athlete may begin their deadlifts.

Wall Walks Standards

Every rep begins and ends with the athlete lying down, with their chest, feet, and thighs touching the ground.

At the start and finish of each rep, both hands must touch the first tape line (fingers touching is OK)

Both feet must be touching the ground at the beginning and end of each rep.

Both hands must remain on the tape until both feet are on the wall and no longer touching the ground.

At the top of the movement, both hands must be touching the 10-inch tape mark before the athlete can descend.

Any part of the hand may touch the tape line.

On the descent, the feet must remain on the wall until both hands are touching the first line.

The rep is credited when the athlete returns to the starting position, with both hands touching the first line and their chest, thighs, and feet touching the ground.

Any part of the hand may make contact with the tape line.

Both feet must be touching the ground before starting the next rep.

Deadlift Standards

This is a traditional deadlift with the hands outside the knees. Sumo deadlifts are not allowed.

Starting with the barbell on the floor, the athlete lifts the bar until the hips and knees reach full extension, and the head and shoulders are behind the bar. The arms must be straight throughout. No bouncing.

Film and Documentation Requirements

Video must be submitted using WODProof

Download WODProof

Click the record button (in middle)

Click “Qualifiers”

Search “The Zelos Games”

  • Film the measuring process for the wall-walk tape marks prior to starting the timer
  • Videos must be uncut and unedited to accurately display the performance
  • Shoot the video so all exercises can be seen clearly meeting the movement standards
  • Upload the video to YouTube and copy/paste the link with your submission
  • Videos shot with a fisheye lens or similar lens may be rejected


1. Tru Grit Fitness $3,000 Home Gym Starter Set

2. Tru Grit Fitness $1,500 Barbell Start Set

3. Tru Grit Fitness $500 Gift Card

4. $500 Xendurance gift card

5.  $250 Mayhem gift card

6. $250 Mayhem gift card

7. $250 Mayhem gift card

8. $250 Mayhem gift card

9. $250 Buffalo Brew gift card

10. $250 Reebok Gift Card

11. $200 Reebok Gift Card

12. $150 Reebok Gift Card

13. $100 Fitaid gift card

14. $100 Fitaid gift card

15. $100 Fitaid gift card

16. $100 Fitaid gift card

17. $100 Fitaid gift card

18. $100 Toe Spacer gift card

19. $100 Toe Spacer gift card

20. $50 Toe Spacer gift card

Signing up is 1 entry (up to 3 signups)

Sharing your registration email onto your Instagram story and tagging us is 1 entry (up to 3)

Posting a clip of your workout video to Instagram Grid and tagging @zelosgames #thezgames #zelosgames is 1 entry (up to 3)

Posting a clip of your workout video to Instagram Story and tagging @zelosgames #thezgames #zelosgames is 1 entry (up to 3)

Total entries: 12

*The raffle will be done the week following the last workout and winners will be announced by Monday, 11/1/21


1st Place: $1000 + 3 Months of Mayhem Affiliate Programming Free

2nd Place: $500 + 3 Months of Mayhem Affiliate Programming Free

3rd Place: $250 + 3 Months of Mayhem Affiliate Programming Free

*raffles and affiliate winnings will be awarded based on participation during the entirety of the 3-part series and will be awarded following the entire series.

Join the Zelos Games

So now you have all the information and you know what you can win.

Challenge yourself and step outside your comfort zone.

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