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25 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know about The CrossFit Games

For the 2018 CrossFit Games, Rogue Fitness shipped 45 tractor trailers of gear, including:

  • 50,000 lbs of barbells
  • 150,000 lbs of bumper plates
  • 300,000 lbs of rig components

1) Youngest individual male athlete is Saxon Panchik (22)

2) Youngest individual female athlete is Laura Horvarth (21)


3) Oldest Individual male athlete is Josh Bridges (35)

4) Oldest Individual female athlete is Rebecca Voigt (37)

5) Average age of male individual athletes: 27.1

6) Average age of female individual athletes: 28.3

7) Tallest individual male athlete: Brent Fikowski (6’2″)

8) Tallest individual female athlete: Rebecca Voigt (5’9″)

9) Shortest individual male athlete: Josh Bridges (5’5″)

10) Shortest individual female athlete: Emily Bridges (5’1″)

11) Average height of all individual males: 5’10”

12) Average height of all individual females: 5’5″

13) Heaviest individual male: Royce Dunn: 225 lbs


14) Heaviest individual female: Whitney Gelin 165 lbs

15) Lightest individual male: Cody Anderson 170 lbs

16) Lightest individual female: Kristi Eramo and Oddrun Eik Gylfadottir 128 lbs

17) Average weight of all individual males: 194.7 lbs

18) Average weight of all individual females: 144.4 lbs

19) The average weight of all individual Games females in 2018 is higher than in any other CrossFit Games.

20) The average weight of all 2018 individual Games males is the second highest of any CrossFit Games. 

21) Number of first time male individual Games Athletes: 13 (lowest number in history)

22) Number of first time female individual Games Athletes: 13

23) Games Athletes with 10 total Games appearances: Ben Smith, Adam Neiffer

24) Total countries represented by Individuals: 14

25) Total countries represented by across all divisions: 32

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