4 Easy Ways to Force Your Muscles to Grow

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Check out these 4 easy ways to force your muscles to grow from Muscle Monsters.

4 Easy Ways to Force Your Muscles to Grow

“Progressive overload is a simple concept for massive muscle gains And, you won’t reach your muscle-building potential without it.”

“Your muscles grow in response to training stimulus, so if your muscles are going to grow and continue to grow, you need to continue in a pattern of progressively making demands from them.”

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 “When we introduce stress onto our muscles, our body is forced to adapt by building new muscles. It does this in order to prepare for any possibility that you’ll have to handle the same stress again in the future.”

“If we fail to increase that stress, however, our body will fall under the impression that it doesn’t need to prepare for another challenge, and therefore, doesn’t need to repair and grow.”

“But if we continue to add stress, we’ll be forced to adapt and grow over time.”

“And that is the promise of progressive overload…muscle growth.”

“In this video we’ll go over how to achieve progressive overload as well as provide examples on how to implement this into your own training. Let get into it!”

Video – 4 Easy Ways to Force Your Muscles to Grow

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