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How to Get Bigger Delts and Stronger Shoulders

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Use this guide from Jeff at Athlean X to learn how to get bigger delts and stronger shoulders.

How to Get Bigger Delts and Stronger Shoulders

“If you want to build wider, capped delts and bigger shoulders then you need to watch this video. I’m going to show you a simple step by step method that is guaranteed to help you get wider shoulders if you just follow the advice. Surprisingly, this is not going to require you to lift heavy weights or start doing extra sets of overhead presses. It’s actually quite the opposite as you’re going to need to use lighter weights and focus more on how you’re doing your shoulder exercises you’re already doing.”

“Now look, there is no substitute for barbell overhead presses or even dumbbell presses when it comes to building stronger, more explosively powerful shoulders. That said, there is a big difference between shoulder strength and shoulder size. As a matter of fact, with the shoulders being perhaps the biggest muscle group of the body that tends to lean on other muscles to help it compensate when training, it is imperative that you limit these compensations when wanting to create shoulder and delt hypertrophy.”

How to Get Bigger Delts and Stronger Shoulders

“That is where the use of much lighter weights comes in. Take the classic side lateral dumbbell raise for example. This is one of the best exercises for getting that popular “capped” appearance to your delts when viewed from the front. The hypertrophy and growth of the middle delt is what makes your shoulders look wider and more muscular and is easily targeted when you know the right angle to lift your arm during the exercise.”

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Strong shoulders – essential for Crossfitters

“The problem comes in when you realize how often we tend to use weights we cannot handle on this exercise. In an attempt to try and force muscle growth from the delts we instantly aim for a dumbbell weight that is too heavy and forces us to immediately start compensating and swinging the weight in order to lift it on every rep.”

“This is exactly the opposite of what will create the best results and the most muscle growth in the shoulders. Instead, drop the weights way down and do exactly what I show you in this video. Start by grabbing a pair of 5 or 10 pound dumbbells. Stand with a slight lean forward in order to position the middle deltoid squarely against the downward force of gravity. Lean too far forward and you will shift the focus too much to the rear delt. Stay too upright and you will let the front delts do too much of the work.”

“From here, lift your elbow out to the side but keep it bent. Your first should be pointed forward as if you are getting ready to throw a punch. The tension felt on the middle delt should be significant. If it isn’t it is likely a good sign that you are lacking the mind muscle connection with the delts and this is something that will benefit you greatly. This bent elbow position is easier to perform because of the shortened moment arm so it will give you a better chance of feeling this properly.”

“From here, keep the tension on the delt as you straighten out the elbow fully. When you think it’s straight, straighten it some more! This will really turn up the heat on the delts. From here, slowly raise the arm up another inch or two. Slowly lower the entire arm down to about 30 degrees from your body and repeat. You may continue to do your reps in this fashion or you can do strictly the straight arm variation shown later, as long as you don’t lose the focus and intent.”

“This type of modification shows you once again that it isn’t necessarily what exercises you do but how you do them that matters the most.”

Video – How to Get Bigger Delts and Stronger Shoulders

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