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Best 4 Strategies to Grow the Upper Chest Muscles as Quickly as Possible

Improve your physique.

This excellent video from Jeff Nippard will teach you the best 4 strategies to grow the upper chest as quickly as possible.

Before we reach his strategies, be aware of these general principles for chest training.

Hit Chest Early in the Workout

  • Better performance
  • More overload

Tally Up How many Sets per Week you Currently Do

  • 12 to 20 sets per week is the best range to go for

Now let’s check out the strategies from Jeff.


Expand your knowledge with these strategies to grow the upper chest as quickly as possible.

Step 1: Modify Your Bench Press Technique

“The first modification is to use slightly lighter weights for higher reps. The second way we want to modify our bench technique is by bringing our grip slightly in.

Even though you won’t be able to move as much weight this way, if you’re more concerned with developing your upper chest, a closer grip will likely hit the upper fibers better.”

Strategies to Grow the Upper Chest as Quickly as PossibleSource: Photos Courtesy of CrossFit Inc

Step 2: Add More Incline Presses

“The reason I’m using dumbbells over barbells here is that you will be able to get a bit more range of motion with the extra stretch at the bottom: so the short comings of the barbell press are overcome by also including dumbbells.

A cue I like to use on the incline press to drive upper chest focus is to keep the elbows moderately tucked and think about pressing the dumbbells up and back toward your face, rather than just straight up.”

Step 3: Incorporate more Non-Traditional Exercises

“The reverse grip bench press, band press and banded push-ups are the three movements we can consider including.

I’m personally a bit more wary of the guillotine press as it just feels too risky to me, so I’d stick with the banded push up and the banded incline press for higher reps in the 15-20 range to see if you feel them working your upper chest.”

Step 4: Fill in Further Volume with Isolation Work

“I like low to high cable flyes. While dumbbell flyes can be effective for really stretching out the pecs at the bottom, they lose tension at the top.

When pulling the cables from low to high, you can mimic the exact orientation of the clavicular fibers, which also run low to high.

You might feel this in your front delts (and that’s ok) but if you really focus on the mind-muscle connection and actively squeezing your pecs together, you should feel your upper pecs contracting the most.”

4 Strategies to Grow the Upper Chest as Quickly as Possible

If you found these best 4 strategies to grow the upper chest as quickly as possible helpful, try work more on your chest.

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