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5 Crossfit Lessons to learn from Lauren Fisher

Prepare to be humbled. At just 22 years old, Lauren Fisher has already:

  • Played national level high school basketball,
  • Become Best Female Lifter at the Junior National weightlifting championship in 2014,
  • Qualified twice for the Crossfit Games.

She placed first at this year’s Californian Regionals, prevailing over much more experienced athletes. With such an impressive list of past achievements, we don’t feel there’s much this ambitious San Diegan (who’s also taking university classes) couldn’t do. We’ve compiled just five of the many Crossfit Lessons you can learn from her:


Lauren attributes a lot of her toughness and athleticism to growing up with three older brothers with whom she had to keep up. When they teased her and pushed her in the ivy, her mother told her to toughen up and get back out there. And toughen up she did: Fast forward a couple of years and you can see the determination and competitiveness in Lauren, who still loves a little friendly neck-and-neck race. It doesn’t matter whether it’s her boyfriend, her older brother Gareth, who is also going to the Games this year, or just a workout mate: she will challenge them to a WOD, a rope climb, or a game of basketball.

Don’t make the mistake of letting competitiveness alienate you

Training multiple times every day means that she doesn’t do the things other university students do (CJ Martin, her coach, makes sure the most competitive athletes had a 7AM training session on Saturday mornings), but it’s quite obvious that this is not a factor that makes her less of a fun and social person. Rather, she lets herself be inspired by the driven and ambitious people around her, matching them every step of the way. This is something you can implement in your life: The time at the box is just a lot better spent when you have someone to compare yourself to in a friendly (albeit passionately competitive!) way. So next time you’re at the box, give socializing a shot!

Lauren fisher crossfit athlete trainingSource: Lauren Fisher
Lauren hanging out and training with friends

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