6 Ways to Improve Discipline for CrossFit Training, Nutrition and Life

2. Enhance discipline – Set precise, realistic goals

When you engage in a long-term undertaking such as exercise, getting some form of recognition along the way will make the entire process significantly more pleasant.

This will also allow you to feel the satisfaction of having accomplished something, increasing your enthusiasm and self-confidence and thus enhancing the self-discipline which will keep you going. Set specific goals in your training, which are to be met by the end of the week or over a few weeks. In this way, you will gain a sense of urgency to respect the deadlines you have established, and will also obtain concrete results which you will be able to regard as achievements.

brooke ence crossfit athlete during wodSource: RX'd Photography
Brooke Ence destroying a WOD

Resolve to lift a certain weight or complete a specific number of repetitions, then work towards your goal methodically and self-consciously. It is also important to set goals with a reasonable difficulty of being achieved: standards that are too low will not really help you increase your self-discipline, while overly ambitious plans may lead to your abandoning them. Try to realistically asses your pace of making progress in a certain period of time by taking into account the hours you have available for training, any injuries or physical discomfort (colds, etc) you are dealing with and your usual performances in the area you are working on improving at that particular time.

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