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7 Reasons Why You Should Date a Crossfit Guy (Valentine’s Special)

7. Crossfit guys wear gym clothes 24/7 and look good the whole freaking time

Beards and tattoos with black glasses, headbands, no shirts, training shorts and Nanos are pretty much all what Crossfit guys wear… All the time! The older or sweatier their clothes get, the hotter they look. That old school gym look, and some hate for not stretchy, always quads too small, jeans. Let’s not forget those push, pull, grind shirts. And ladies, no worries, they will do their own laundry (if not, remember you’re a tough Crossfit girl, everyone listens to).

GTD Day 1 (347)
Big support system, always cheering up on you.

In the end, some of you girls may ask yourselves if a Crossfitter will have time for you at all, will he just spend the whole time with barbells, plates and kettlebells. In my opinion you shouldn’t be worrying about that one. If he’ll want, he will definitely find time for you too.

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