Best 3 Minute PLANK Workout for Rock Solid ABS

upgrade your core.

This is the best 3 minute plank workout for rock solid abs. Add it into your training if you want to build a stronger and fitter body.

It can been designed by Critical Bench.

Best 3 Minute PLANK Workout for Rock Solid ABS

“It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to increase core strength or to lean up and ‘get abs’, the crunch is an ineffective exercise that actually provides no function to the body. The crunch is not a natural movement and it’s FAR from getting you that STRONG core, yet it somehow became popular for decades and it’s still used in nearly every gym across the world.”

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Best 3 Minute PLANK Workout for Rock Solid ABS – The Core

“Your core isn’t just a ‘six-pack’. Your core is a complex series of muscles, extending far beyond your abs, including everything besides your arms and legs. It is incorporated in almost every movement of the human body.”

Best 3 Minute PLANK Workout for Rock Solid ABS – Vary Your Training

“When most people go to execute their “core strength workouts”, they tend to focus on nothing more than the all-too-common movements of simple crunches and leg raises. While many exercises do have their place in a complete core routine, the truth is that your core actually extends way beyond these surface level muscles.”

“If you really want to improve core strength and get that strong six pack and perform as effectively as possible, you gotta incorporate a routine like this 3 Minute PLANK Workout // Isometric CORE Exercises for ROCK Solid Abs in your weekly routine.”

Best 3 Minute PLANK Workout for Rock Solid ABS – Bodyweight Exercises

The Bodyweight Exercises in this 3 Minute PLANK Workout video are some of the very best core & abs exercises out there since it trains your core muscles based on their true function, which is to act as a stabilizing center while protecting the spine.

plank core abs exercises benefits of the plank
The infamous plank

Best 3 Minute PLANK Workout for Rock Solid ABS – Form and Technique

“For this 3 Minute PLANK Workout, it’s important to have proper technique and form is very simple. Just listen to Coach Brian’s verbal cues while paying attention to his and Marcia’s demonstration.”

Sets and Reps

“Do this 3 Minute PLANK Workout as 3 sets with each exercise for 45 seconds. If you are daring, then repeat it for an additional 1 or 2 more sets.”

“This 3 Minute PLANK Workout // Isometric CORE Exercises for ROCK Solid Abs is adequate enough to really see great improvements in your core & lower back.”


Here 3 Minute PLANK Workout:

(Perform each hold for 45 seconds with a 15 second recovery)

  • Extended Spider Plank
  • Narrow High Plank
  • Low Elbow Plank


Muscles of the abs and core

Your core is the centre of your body. It’s made up of four muscles—the rectus abdominis, external obliques, internal obliques and transversus abdominis—and it’s responsible for taking in oxygen from the lungs and sending that oxygen to the rest of your body through the circulatory system.

Rectus Abdominis

The rectus abdominis is the longest and most superficial of the abdominal muscles. It’s a long, flat muscle that runs vertically down the front of your abdomen. It extends from the pubic bone to the xiphoid process (or lower tip) of your sternum.

External Obliques

External obliques are located on the side of your body and are responsible for twisting and side bending.

External obliques help you to rotate at your core, which is used in many sports. For example, when you golf or play tennis, external obliques are used to generate power and rotate your body as you swing a club or hit a ball.

Internal Obliques

The internal oblique muscle is a muscle of the abdomen. It is located on the side and front of the abdomen.

It is involved in flexion, lateral flexion, and rotation of the trunk. It also helps with respiration by assisting in inhalation when your diaphragm contracts.

Transversus Abdominis

The transversus abdominis is located deep to the rectus abdominis. It helps with respiration and aids in core stability.

Along with the diaphragm, it helps you breathe by pulling your abdomen inward to create an efficient intra-abdominal pressure that forces air into your lungs.

It also helps with digestion, as it supports your lower back and pelvis. Finally, it stabilizes the spine when you’re sitting or standing upright so that you can maintain good posture without effort

There are four muscles that make up your abs and core.

There are four muscles that make up your abs and core. These include:

  • Rectus abdominis—the “six-pack” muscle that you can see in the mirror
  • External obliques—the curves on each side of your waistline, which give you a slim appearance from the side
  • Internal obliques—they run vertically along each side of your rectus abdominis and wrap around to interweave with it inside your body
  • Transversus abdominis—this deep muscle is responsible for creating what some people call a “corset” effect by cinching in your waist


The abs and core are made up of four muscles—the Rectus Abdominis, External Obliques, Internal Obliques, and Transversus Abdominis. These muscles work together to keep your spine stable and protect the internal organs in your abdomen.

Use this 3 Minute PLANK Workout for Rock Solid ABS and transform your body.

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