Best Beginners Guide to Snatching

Master this Olympic exercise.

The snatch is a test of technique and strength altogether. If you are new to the exercise, you have come to the right place. This is the best beginners guide to snatching.

The best beginners guide to snatching is presented by professional coach Max Aita.

Max Aita is a coach at Juggernaut Training Systems, a website with fitness coaches that design specific exercises and workouts methodologies for the individual. Aita focuses on weightlifting and powerlifting. And he delivered the best beginners guide to snatching.

First and foremost, no one should feel intimidated by other more experienced lifters. “You can squat perfectly 100 pounds next to someone who can squat perfectly 900 pounds, and it doesn’t seem weird.”

In the video, coach Aita is with a weightlifter who is not used to the snatching technique, and a powerlifter who has been doing this exercise for years. By doing this, Aita can compare and showcase what a beginner should do to improve the snatching.

The learning curve in the best beginners guide to snatching starts with how to use explosiveness to lift the bar, after all, snatching is a powerlifting exercise. “We want to develop propulsion so the bar ends up leaving our hips and it continues to move when we stop pulling.” You do that by utilising your hips.

You can unload the bar and practise drills on how to use your hips to push the bar up.

The 4 Best Exercises to Improve Your Snatch

Best Beginners Guide to SnatchingSource: Photo courtesy of CrossFit Inc.

Another important area you need to improve to be able to do a proper snatch is your upper body positioning when holding the bar above your head. Make sure you are not putting all the weight of the barbell on your shoulders, but rather on your upper back.

Keep an eye out for your body movement while you are performing the drills. Coach Aita explains that, although you use your hips to propel the bar up before catching up above your head, you should not be rocking back and forth your body. The explosiveness on your hips needs to be made in a short range of motion, otherwise, you could leave your body in an injury-prone position.

Check out his entire explanation below.

Best Beginners Guide to Snatching

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