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8 Challenging Snatch Workouts every Crossfitter Must Try

The snatch is one of the most impressive exercises in Crossfit, and one of the hardest to do well.

Snatch workouts are a great test of technical skill, strength and mental toughness. These 8 workouts will challenge your capabilities in many different ways. They will force you to alternate between high reps of light weight and lower, heavier lifts, as well as force you to lift under different heart rates, intensity levels and conditions.

If you want to learn more about technique, check out 5 ways to improve your snatch technique.

Pick a WOD and have some fun!


This workout sees the 09 and 10 CrossFit Games champions team up for a partner WOD. Pick a friend and challenge their score!

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  • 5 minute AMRAP
  • 61 kg (135 lb) power snatches
  • The first person completes 5 snatches while the other rests. Alternate like this for the full 5 minutes.

They managed to each hit 50 power snatches, 100 in total, what can you and your partner get?

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