The Best Upper Chest Exercises for Stronger and Better-Looking Pecs

Build a better chest with these great tips.

This video will provide you with the best upper Chest Exercises to build muscle, mass and strength for your pecs.

The upper chest is often a difficult part of the body for many lifters to develop.

Jeff from Athlean-X explains (and goes into further detail in the video below) how you need to understand the anatomy of the chest in order to comprehend which exercises to use and why.

Anatomy of the Chest

“It starts with a bit of anatomy of the upper pecs. 

This area of the chest has attachments at the clavicle and the humerus or upper arm bone.  The most important point however is that the direction of the fibres in this area run from up and in to down and out. 

Chest muscles

In other words, when your arm is placed at your side and away from your body, the upper chest is responsible for bringing it up and across your body at an angle.

If you adhere to the direction of these fibres and mimic the movement in your chest exercises, you will more effectively hit the upper chest. 

CrossFit-Chest-workouts Upper Chest Exercises

The fact that the upper pecs have a separate nerve innervation than the rest of the pec major allows you to neurologically target the area even more with a better focus and contraction.”

Best Upper Chest Exercises – Video


  • 01:33 UCV raise
  • 01:50 Dual cable UCV raise
  • 02:42 Dip
  • 03:17 Upper chest dip
  • 04:00 Pushaway pushup
  • 05:03 Sunrise/sunset
  • 06:22 One armed dumbbell shrug
  • 06:55 Upper chest upper cut
  • 07:42 Lean back cable press
  • 09:20 Jammer press
  • 10:33 Landmine rainbow
  • 12:01 Wrap up

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