EPIC BODY TRANSFORMATION – Cole Sager Before CrossFit!

Cole Sager – “Oh yeah, this is a real photo of me during my senior year of college.
Nutrition is one of the most difficult arenas of life to navigate. It takes but only a small detour and you find yourself so far off the beaten path that you don’t recognize anything you see. Toss in a little bit of “intentional” weight gain or loss and an unhealthy relationship with food, and you just conjured up a recipe for disaster. 
I cannot reiterate enough the importance of an accountability tool to help us stay focused on our nutrition goals and maintaining a healthy view on food. This is something that I did not have through college or my early years of @CrossFit. It was not until I joined @WorkingAgainstGravity in 2016 that I realized just how much help I needed. 
My relationship with food was my BIGGEST battle in college.
I had such an unhealthy relationship with food that it consumed my thoughts, actions, and feelings. However, I didn’t look like the photo on the left until my senior year of college when my football coach ordered me to gain 35 pounds in order to transition to fullback.
Prior to that I was OBSESSED with becoming lean and shredded. 
I thought, “If I could just get lean like the other running backs, I would perform much better.”


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“This week on the Brute Strength Podcast I’ll be interviewing CrossFit’s very own, Cole Sager. Cole began his athletic career playing four years at the University of Washington as a running back from ’09-’12. In 2013 he began his CrossFit career, and the rest is history. Since then, Cole has finished 17th, 7th, and 5th overall at the CrossFit Games from 2014-2016, and if that pattern holds, he may very well find himself on the podium at the ’17 Games. In this episode we will be revisiting his 2016 Regionals performance and diving into the mindset and preparation that got him to the level that we see him today. Join us as we discuss discipline, nutrition, and the ongoing search for the world’s best cinnamon roll! Enjoy the show.”

Topics of discussion:

[1:40] The search for the world’s best cinnamon roll

[7:00] 2016 Regionals: Event 7

[15:35] The difference between now & later

[28:20] The conversation with Ben Bergeron

[32:00] What is discipline as an athlete?

[41:00] Applying discipline to your nutrition

[45:30] Reliving 17.3

[53:00] Building a platform

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