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Brent Fikowski Reacts to Being Cut from The 2019 CrossFit Games

Brent Fikowski was a top contender for challenging Fraser and taking a podium spot at The 2019 CrossFit Games. Over the last few years Brent has finished 4th, 2nd and 4th but unfortunately things didn’t go his way this year and he ended 23rd. Here is his account of what happened. Check out his website for more info. 



“So, got out on the floor. 3 – 2 – 1, go, push the sled. It stopped dead in its tracks and the front of the sled pitch dug in and the back came up. Then I pushed it again and grabbed it a little lower, trying to feel like I was lifting the front off as I pushed. It was a pretty big grind to get to the other end of the floor. My legs were pretty lactic, but trusted that they would recover a bit on the bar muscle ups (as you obviously don’t need your legs on bar MUs).


Dropped down and immediately went to my sled which I turned around after my first lap. I thought that was the right thing to do because turning it around doesn’t take too much juice and it would give me a little bit of a break before going to the bar. But as soon as I finished that part I knew I’d want to get started again on the sled and finish the event fast.


Sled was set up nicely for me, went to push it, the front dug into the ground a bit. Went to push it again, dug into the ground a bit. Push it again and it got caught on the tape marker that was on the turf field. So then I got really low, put my hands on the handles probably 12 inches off the ground, locked the arms, kept the core tight, cycled the feet as fast as I could. Started at 100% effort and trusted that I wouldn’t have to stop, and just push as hard as I’ve ever pushed knowing there were a lot of men just in front and behind me. Just gave a 100% effort on that sled push. Was really happy with the workout as a whole, pushed until the last inch.

I just thought based on my efforts and my execution that it would have been a pretty solid score. It wasn’t until about maybe 20 minutes later that I was conversing with another athlete and I think I checked the leaderboard. I realized I was in 27th in that workout. Honestly, it took me by surprise.”

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