Can Fruit Make You Fat?

Discover if it’s a myth or fact.

If you have been in the fitness industry, especially looking to lose weight, long enough, you probably heard this. But, in reality, can fruit make you fat? Find out below.

A sugar craving can be battled by eating fruit. Which in turn makes people search online how much sugar X or Y fruit has. The fig is one of the most sugar-dense fruits in the world, but does that mean eating figs will get you fat?

Dr. Mike Israetel, PhD in Sport Physiology and co-founder of Renaissance Periodization, made a video asking: can fruit make you fat?

His video is part of a series of fitness myths and, as you can guess by now, getting fat by eating fruit is a myth.

Check out Dr. Mike Israetel’s main arguments to the question can fruit make you fat?

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Can Fruit Make You Fat?

No. It is a myth that fruit will make you fat.

Israetel begins by saying what most people who claim to believe eating fruit can make people fat and it is all connected to fructose – something that is bad for the liver, blood markers of metabolism. Fruits are full of fructose and thus, you should stay away from fruits, right? Wrong.

According to Israetel, direct studies on long-term high fructose diets does not seem to indicate predictable weight gain. The opposite actually could happen. “In fact, chronic high fructose feeding may actually suppress food intake in the long term,” he says.

People tend to gain weight when on a fruit high diet when fructose-heavy drinks are added to the diet.

Can fruit make you fat? No, the opposite is actually shown around the world. People who tend to eat more fruits are leaner when compared with communities that eat fewer fruits.

Eating fruit can reduce body fat and weight, especially for obese people because fruits tend to create an effect of feeling full for the number of calories it has. Also, how many fruits can you eat until you feel full? And for how long?

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Bottom Line – Can Fruit Make You Fat?

  • Consume as many fresh fruits as you want, it will not make you fat.
  • Keep refined sugar beverages to a minimum – or zero
  • Stick to mostly grains as a massing carb source

If you are on the obese spectrum, simply stop drinking sugary drinks, including fruit beverages, which will help you immensely to lose weight.

Dr. Mike Israetel Full Arguments

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