Check Out Two of The Fittest Adaptive Athletes as They Take on a Competition CrossFit Class

The “Train w/ Me” series, which will follow 2019 World’s Fittest Adaptive Athlete (Upper Extremity) Logan Aldridge as he takes on various training systems, launched last week.

During the first episode Logan works out with Casey Acree, Worlds Fittest Adaptive Athlete in 2018 – his ‘best friend and nemesis in adaptive fitness.’

The two athletes take on a competition class featuring the 2020 CrossFit Games workout Friendly Fran, and walk viewers through how they adapt the exercises from an above elbow and below elbow perspective.

The series (at the moment) is a passion project by the Adaptive Training Academy (ATA), a veteran-managed organisation who hopes “to challenge the status quo so that people with disabilities have equal access to fitness training and a healthy life.”

“The Train w/ Me show is part entertainment and part education as you get to watch Logan train with other Adaptive Athletes and explore how people with all kinds of abilities have become masters of their sport or fitness training,” said ATA Executive Director Alec Zirkenbach.

“Each episode Logan will try out a new training program or system. One week he’s crushing a WOD in a CrossFit workout with his top rival, the next he’s training with a one-armed powerlifter and going heavy on everything, and the next he’s put to the test with the University of Alabama’s championship wheelchair basketball team S&C coach!”

Check it out!

Train w/ Me Episode 1

2021 is the first year adaptive athletes can officially compete in the CrossFit Open, and you should definitely sign up.

For more resources for athletes, coaches, trainers and therapists check out the Adaptive Training Academy certification courses and WheelWOD’s adaptive programming on SugarWOD.

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