8 Simple Christmas Home Workouts

Christmas home workouts are a fun and quick way to stay fit. Picture the scene, it’s the 24th of December and your family is all gathered together in the house where you will all be spending Christmas. It’s 30 minutes until dinner is served, but you are craving your workout and already missing the Box.

You excuse yourself and find some space in the spare room / garage / garden etc, start pumping the music out and jump straight in!

After completing any of the Christmas home workouts, recording your time, showering and changing, you are already finished and feeling great, all in the same amount of time that it took everyone else to drink a glass of wine!


Chelsea is a great way to improve your pull-up, push-up and squat skills. It is one of those EMOMs that will challenge you to stay consistent throughout the full 30 minutes and really test your form under fatigue.

EMOM for 30 min:

  • 5 Pull-ups
  • 10 Push-ups
  • 15 Squats
Male crossfit athlete pull up bodyweight wodSource: RX'd Photography
If you don’t have a bar, try a tree branch or scaffolding. Get creative


This is an effective workout for testing your gymnastics skills. It’s tough, but also a lot of fun as well.

AMRAP for 20 minutes:

  • 5 Handstand push-ups
  • 10 1-legged (pistol) squats
  • 15 Pull-ups
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Test yourself in new ways


Here is everything you need to know. A seemingly simple WOD, the time duration for this will tax your mental endurance to it’s limits. The lack of technically difficult movements makes this a great workouts for Crossfitters of all levels. You don’t have to worry about needing any kit, and the lack of barbells, racks or rings makes this a great workout to do when you can’t get to the Box.

See if you can get any of your family or friends to join you and try a Crossfit WOD for the first time!

20 minute AMRAP

  • 5 Pull Ups
  • 10 Press Ups
  • 15 Squats
Source: Courtesy of CrossFit Inc.


An interesting mix of very different exercises, this one will tax your core much more than you expect. Intensity is the name of the game so hit this one hard!

For time

  • 50-40-30-20-10
  • Double unders
  • Sit ups
positive mindset xebex air bike exhausted crossfitterSource: RX'd Photography
Stay strong when things get tough, it will be worth it in the end!


One of the classics, this workout is also easy to do whilst you are away from the Box. If you don’t have a pull up bar, try using a tree branch, a football goal post or just get creative. Murph is always a huge mental challenge, but you will have definitely earned your time relaxing in front of the fire after you complete this one!

For time

  • 1 mile Run (1.6 km)
  • 100 Pull-ups
  • 200 Push-ups
  • 300 Squats
  • 1 mile Run
hero wod murph sam briggs wins 2015 eventSource: CrossFIt Inc
Sam Briggs winning Murph at the 2015 CrossFit Games


The lack of technical exercises makes this another great home workout. If you don’t have a pull up bar or can’t find anything else to use, substitute the pull ups for burpees or sit ups.

5 rounds 3 min rest

  • 20 pull ups
  • 30 push ups
  • 40 sit ups
  • 50 squats
Open Score post Crossfit workout testosteroneSource: RX'd Photography
Work hard and earn that Christmas dinner


This is perfect if you have some space near your home to run. Lets face it, its probably going to be dark and cold so get that metal playlist on and get running. Do this whatever the conditions outside, snow, sleet or rain storm. Once the WOD is over, you’ve had a hot shower and there’s a glass of mulled wine in your hands, I’m sure you won’t regret it!

for time

  • 800m run
  • 50 burpees
  • 400m run
  • 50 pull ups
  • 200m run
  • 50 press ups
bodyweight workouts sara sigmundsdottir running
Sara Sigmundsdottir running


Simple and deadly, this is all in the mind. Get it done and you will deserve a serious chill out Christmas film night afterwards!

150 Wall balls for time

crossfit wall balls amrap wodsSource: RX'd Photography
Wall Balls: The exercise everyone loves to hate

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