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Colleen Fotsch Transformation, Her Important Message on Body Image & 5 Top Workouts

Colleen Fotsch is an incredibly strong athlete and extraordinary role model.

Workout 4

Finishing up the week with this core circuit 🤗🔥

3 sets:
10 Hanging Garhammer Raises
12/side McGill Sit-ups
3 sets:
10 Seated Banded Crunch
8/side Hanging Oblique Clocks
3 sets:
10/leg Banded Dead Bugs
10/side Russian Twists

Right now we’re doing 3 upper body sessions and one core. With the knee we’re alternating between harder and lighter days which has been working really well so far. And another excited milestone today, I got to do some walking with a sled 🙌🏻 Not crazy heavy yet but really excited! Let me know if you guys try any of these and hope you are all having an amazing weekend!

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