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5 Reasons Why You’re Not More Successful at CrossFit

Are any of these reasons interfering with your progress?

Whether you’re new to CrossFit or have been doing the sport for years, you probably haven’t achieved every goal you set, feel your progress has stagnated or you’ve plateaued.

Success, in most cases, doesn’t mean qualifying to the CrossFit Games. For some, it means stringing double-unders, achieving a muscle up or finally being able to do a solid handstand walk. It can also mean getting fitter or losing weight.

Whatever success means to you, these five realities might be interfering with your progress and be the reason why you’re not more successful at CrossFit.


Of course a good gym, a coach and a good program all impact your journey to success in CrossFit, however, if you’re not consistent with your training none of this will matter.

If you only show up sporadically, whenever life doesn’t get in the way, you will progress slower than the athlete that is at the Box five days a week every single week.

We all know of someone who will only show up when they’ve got a holiday planned and want to look well, or set a resolution to train but never stick to it. Many athletes who make excuses every week, and while they always find a different excuse not to train, the outcome is the same: they don’t show up consistently.

If you keep convincing yourself you’re too tired, it’s too cold, you haven’t eaten yet, you’re too busy today – who knows how many other excuses we’ve convinced ourselves of – you’ll only slow down your progress.

Psychological obstacles such as distractions, temptations and lack of motivation intervene in the same way for everyone, what makes an athlete successful is their capacity to tackle them.

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