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Colleen Fotsch Transformation, Her Important Message on Body Image & 5 Top Workouts

Colleen Fotsch is an incredibly strong athlete and extraordinary role model.

Workout 5

Putting the sandbag away after a workout 😝 On this Friday may your body feel strong and your sandbags feel light 🙌🏻😆 Contrary to my face in this pic I really do love sandbag work, here’s a fun EMOM from training last night 🙌🏻

EMOM 30:
1. 10 cal AB
2. 100’ sandbag carry @ 150#
3. 1 TGU/arm @ 53#
4. Double KB front rack carry @ 70#/hand
5. 60’ overhead yoke carry @ 200#
6. 2 rope climbs w/ 20# @goruck

Happy Friday!

Follow Coleen’s YouTube vlog to keep up with her life.

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