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CrossFit Athlete Breaks World Record of Burpees in 1 Hour

A CrossFit athlete has broken the world record of most chest-to-ground burpees in one hour. Canadian Nick Anapolsky completed 879 reps of the exercise in 60 minutes, beating the previous record by 9.

Nick has participated in CrossFit Open seven times but decided to become a legend by performing arguably the most hated exercise possible: the burpee.


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He aimed to perform 15 burpees per minute for an entire hour – one every four seconds – with a 10 to 12 seconds rest at the end of every minute. A sprint-stop technique, instead of going steady at a normal pace.

“It definitely hurt in the last three minutes. I think it’s cool to say I have done the most [burpees] in the entire world ever”, Nick Apolosky said to a local TV crew.

Nick’s surpassed the previous world record of 870 chest-to-ground burpees in one hour set in January 2019 by Australian Macauley Jones.

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