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CrossFit Boxes, Individuals and Companies: Join the 24-Hour Marathon Row for Charity

Cancer wrecks lives: it scares, paralyses and highlights our own powerlessness. In partnership with DKMS, an international non-profit bone marrow donor centre, the 24-Hour Charity Marathon Row aims to multiply the financial resources for the fight against cancer.

Through a marathon row, the event hopes to raise awareness of the importance of physical and mental wellbeing, as well as show support to those affected.

“We know that rowing a marathon is nothing like fighting cancer. Still, we want to show solidarity to those suffering through a long and hard row, and raise money for the good,” said founder Harry Werz.



  • When: December 20, 2020
  • What: Row 42.195 kilometres
  • Where: Anywhere with access to a rowing machine
  • How: Register as a Box, company or individual (more details below)

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As a CrossFit Box

Whether you’re a CrossFit Box or fitness studio, you can sign up to support the 24-hour Charity Marathon Row. Here’s how:

  1. Organise your community to row the marathon on December 20
  2. Provide a box for all donations
  3. Transfer the donation amount to DKMS

After you’ve registered, your location will be shown on the interactive map, so individuals and companies wishing to take part can find you.

Sign up here

As an individual

If you’re signing up as an individual or a company, you have two options:

  • Option 1: find a partner gym near you, contact them and register for the event.
  • Option 2: Organise your own access to a rowing machine and complete the 42.195 km on December 20, then donate a suitable amount to DKMS

Find boxes registered for the 24-Hour Charity Marathon Row here and sign up here.

If you’re unable to participate, consider donating here.


Fighting the Coronavirus pandemic is the highest priority, yet we shouldn’t lose sight of people with other serious illnesses.

“With the 24hrs CMR, we would like to draw attention to the fact that, in addition to corona patients, there are also many millions of people out there who are stuck in their own exhausting fight against cancer – every day anew,” the 24hrs Charity Marathon Row website reads.

Please be mindful of the latest restrictions and hygiene rules.

Everyone knows a person in his or her mediate or immediate environment who has been killed by or suffers from this terrible disease.

Use the power of social media to spread the message and your rowing success. The more people are reached with this event, the more might join next time.

Feel free to use the following hashtags via Instagram:

IG Account: @marathonrow2020

Hashtag: #marathonrow2020

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