CrossFit Games 2023 Individuals and Teams Day 1 Recap

Check out all the action from day 1 in Madison.

The first day of events, now referred to as tests, has been completed for the 2023 CrossFit Games.

How to Watch the 2023 CrossFit Games

Let’s take a closer look at the workouts for the opening day.

Workouts (Tests)

Test 1 – Ride

Complete as many laps as possible in 40 minutes on a Trek Bikes Marlin 8 mountain bike.

Test 2 – Pig Chipper

For time:

  • 10 Pig flips
  • 25 chest-to-bar pull-ups
  • 50 toes-to-bars
  • 100 wall-ball shots (14/20 lb, 9/10 feet)
  • 50 toes-to-bars
  • 25 chest-to-bar pull-ups
  • 10 Pig flips

Test 3 – Inverted Medley

For time:

  • 30-foot unbroken handstand walk over the ramp
  • 8 free-standing handstand push-ups
  • Unbroken obstacle steps to a 180° pirouette
  • 16 pull-overs
  • Unbroken obstacle steps to a 360° pirouette
  • 8 free-standing handstand push-ups
  • 30-foot unbroken handstand walk over the ramp

Test 1 – Ride

2012 was the first year that featured bikes, and they were single speed.

Individual Female

Laura Horvath led from the beginning, with Katrin Davidsottir, Emma Lawson and Karin Freyova chasing her down.

The Hungarian finished her first lap in 6 minutes 26 seconds. Thorisdottir was also chasing hard at this point. Emma Lawson began to establish a solid lead that no other athlete was able to match.

By Lap 3, Emma Lawson and Emily Rolfe lead the pack but Emma Lawson pulls ahead, even lapping other athletes.

11 athletes made the gate before it shut.

Emma Lawsons won her first ever CrossFit Games event. In the post workout interview she explained how her legs starting cramping badly in the third lap. She continued through the pain and thankfully it subsided and she could maintain her impressive speed.

Final Results

  1. Emma Lawson
  2. Emily Rolfe
  3. Emma Tall
  4. Katrin Tanja Davidsdottir
  5. Alexis Raptis

Individual Men

Koski pulled ahead right from the start. He was talking with Adler, and they finished the first lap by working together. 05:44 for the first lap.

Pat Vellner’s coach, Michell Letendre, stated that their strategy was to establish good positioning over the first few laps, (the turns will get easier over time), then push hard for the final lap. Basically, she stated, “don’t be an idiot in the first 25 minutes”.

Adler, Khrennikov, Gudmundsson, Crouch and Koski formed a group out in front. They were drafting behind each other. Drafting can save up to 40% of energy.

Crouch has a background in motor cross racing.

Koski is making his 9th Games appearance, his best finish was 6th overall in 2021. Gudmundsson is making his 10th Games appearance.

Koski was the first man to the run portion of the course. He burst forwards to secure the first place spot. A decisive and tactical victory by the experienced Finn.

Justin Medeiros fell twice on a single lap, leading to a lower place finish for the reigning champion.

Final Results

  1. Jonne Koski
  2. Jeffrey Adler
  3. Jay Crouch
  4. Roman Khrennikov
  5. Bjorgvin Karl Gudmundsson

Test 2 – Pig Chipper

Individual Female

Laura Horvath made the pig flips look easy on the home run.

Final Results

  1. Laura Horvath
  2. Arielle Loewen
  3. Alexis Raptis
  4. Emma Cary
  5. Olivia Kerstetter

Individual Male

Khrennikov looking strong, taking an early lead. The pig looked absolutely brutal.

Fikowski was clinical and effective. Dukic also looked controlled and calm on the competition floor.

Medeiros struggled and was unable to complete the workout.

Final Results

  1. Roman Khrennikov
  2. Lazar Dukic
  3. Brent Fikowski
  4. Spencer Panchik
  5. Moritz Fiebig

Test 3 – Inverted Medley

This gymnastic skill test involving handstand spins and pull overs, both new movements in the CrossFit Games. A down and back sprint that tested speed, precision, skill and coordination across a challenging obstacle course.

Individual Female

Danielle Brandon finished in 03:12.75 seconds with an incredible performance. Paige Powers and Alexis Raptis also completed the course quickly, but were unable to match her exceptional pace.

Laura Horvath struggled with the freestanding handstand push ups and was unable to complete the course.

Final Results

  1. Danielle Brandon
  2. Elisa Fuliano
  3. Paige Powers
  4. Shelby Neal
  5. Alexis Raptis

Individual Male

Spencer Panchik took first in Heat 1.

Cole Greashaber also sped through the course in a controlled and precise manner. Crouch and Koski fought for the final section however Koski fell just before the yellow line.

Justin Medeiros starts his comeback. Shirtless and focused, the two large bruises on his chest displaying the evidence from the two tumbles he took from the bike in the first workout. He was the only athlete to complete the 16 pull overs unbroken

Final Results

  1. Cole Greashaber
  2. Justin Medeiros
  3. Bayley Martin
  4. Jay Crouch
  5. Roman Khrennikov

Individual Female Leaderboard After Day 1

  1. Alexis Raptis
  2. Emily Rolfe
  3. Arielle Loewen
  4. Emma Lawson
  5. Annie Thorisdottir
  6. Bethany Flores
  7. Laura Horvath
  8. Paige Powers
  9. Katrin Tanja Davidsdottir
  10. Jamie Simmonds
  11. Danielle Brandon
  12. Alex Gazan
  13. Emma Tall
  14. Baylee Rayl
  15. Christine Kolenbrander
  16. Gabriela Migala
  17. Olivia Kerstetter
  18. Elisa Fuliano
  19. Sydney Wells
  20. Emma Cary

Individual Male Leaderboard After Day 1

  1. Roman Khrennikov
  2. Moritz Fiebig
  3. Jay Crouch
  4. Brent Fikowski
  5. Bjorgvin Karl Gudmundsson
  6. Spencer Panchik
  7. Dalllinn Pepper
  8. James Sprague
  9. Jonne Koski
  10. Samuel Cournoyer
  11. Jeffrey Adler
  12. Patrick Vellner
  13. Will Moorad
  14. Chandler Smith
  15. Lazar Dukic
  16. Jelle Hoste
  17. Uldis Upenieks
  18. Bayley Martin
  19. Luke Parker
  20. Jayson Hopper

Justin Medeiros is in 36th place.

Team Division


2-2-2-2 Redux

For time in M/F pairs:

  • Accumulate 175 overhead squats
  • Starting every 2 minutes:
  • 12/9-calorie SkiErg each (M/F)
  • 1 seated legless rope climb each (M/F)
  • Max-reps synchro overhead squats

When 2 minutes are up, the first pair stops working and returns while the second pair begins working.

Each pair will have 4 intervals to work (8 total intervals).

Ride Relay

With two bikes per team, max laps in one hour.

Final Leaderboard

  1. CrossFit Invictus – 176
  2. CrossFit Oslo Navy Blue – 173
  3. CrossFit East Nashville PRVN – 167
  4. CrossFit OBA – 158
  5. No Shortcuts CrossFit – 158
  6. CrossFit Genas – 155
  7. CrossFit Mayhem Independence – 152
  8. CrossFit Trondheim – 152
  9. CrossFit Oslo Blackout – 146
  10. CrossFit Move Fast Lift Heavy 247 – 143
  11. CrossFit Krypton – 137
  12. CrossFit Kilo II – 134
  13. CrossFit Walleye Athlete – 134
  14. CrossFit Franco’s Misfits – 129
  15. CrossFit Portti – 125
  16. CrossFit Invictus Unconquerable – 125
  17. CrossFit Prestanda – 117
  18. CrossFit Omnia – 113
  19. CrossFit Milford Team Conquer – 94
  20. CrossFit CLT The Grit Haus – 89

Finding The Fittest On Earth™

The CrossFit Games are the ultimate proving grounds for the Fittest Man and Fittest Woman on Earth™ and are world-renowned as the definitive test of fitness.

For the past 16 years, fans from around the world have attended the multi-day sporting event, streamed the competition online, or watched on ESPN, CBS, or a wide range of international broadcasts. The international field of play has included athletes from over 120 countries.

The Ultimate Test

The Games began in 2007 in Aromas, California, as the first competition to objectively measure fitness. From their inception, they have been unlike traditional sports such as track and field, gymnastics, weightlifting, or even decathlon — all specialist sports in which the events are known long in advance.

Instead, athletes  from around the world are tested against a variety of unannounced events, each with different movements, equipment, and time domains.

Competitors are required to train for the unknown, and the scores of events have included distance swims, obstacle courses, 1-rep-max lifts, handstand walking, sled pushes, rope climbs, and odd-object carries.

The test has continually evolved. As top athletes began to train year-round for strength, speed, endurance, and skill, they were met with new tests each year that took them outside their comfort zone.

This year, a worldwide Open competition involving hundreds of thousands of competitors allowed the best athletes to advance through Quarterfinal and Semifinal rounds, culminating in the 17th edition of the CrossFit Games from Aug. 1-6, 2023, in Madison, Wisconsin.

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