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CrossFit Ladies – Naked Shoots, Victoria’s Secret Angels & Attacking Internet Trolls

CrossFit Ladies inspiring the community!

CrossFit Games Athlete Joins Other Sportswomen to Model Like Victoria’s Secret Angels

CrossFit Ladies – Jamie Hagiya is a CrossFit Games athlete and a box owner. She worked with Buzzfeed and Sky Cowans on an exciting new project and video exploring the topic of female body image.



“This is my body. Everyday I’m still learning to love and accept it. It’s definitely a process but I’m so thankful for incredible people like @skycowans from @buzzfeed for opening up conversation about body image in the media and how we’re progressing societally. Thank you for allowing us to represent a diverse group of strong female athletes with all different body types.
I never, in a million years, thought I’d take pictures in lingerie, but it was for a cause far greater than myself and my insecurities. I walked away inspired, empowered, and with a new found confidence. But more importantly, hope to help others feel the same.”

CrossFit Ladies – JAMIE AT THE GAMES

Jamie Hagiya crossfit games photographs 2016 CrossFIt LadiesSource: CrossFit Inc
Jamie powers through the D ball cleans

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