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CrossFit Ladies – Naked Shoots, Victoria’s Secret Angels & Attacking Internet Trolls

Camille Leblanc Bazinet Responds to Internet Trolls Attacking her Appearance

“I’ve been trolled so much about having a little belly and here is the thing: I LOVE my belly Hahahaha it’s my special secret power pouch! It means that I am healthy to perform and not too lean! Everything I do is to be the best version of myself and performance in my sport is my priority… I love all my scars because it reminds me that I’ve been through life and I’ve always came out stronger …”

“We are all too skinny, too fat, too strong, too frail, too pale, too dark too anything for someone else and if you hang on to finding approval by how you look from someone else you will never learn to love yourself from within. find pride and approval by asking yourself am I too kind, too genuine, too loving, too compassionate, too hardworking, too driven…”

“Let yourself be the judge of your worth and embrace who you are because the BEST thing you can be is TOO YOU!”

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