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CrossFit Open Workout 19.1 – What We Know So Far

A few days ago, CrossFit® released the following text about CrossFit Open Workout 19.1:

“The CrossFit Open is a global event. Over the years, the five-week celebration and competition have developed to reflect a growing sport and our international community. And since the inaugural workout release in 2011, the Open announcements have been a celebrated rallying point for the CrossFit community.”

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CrossFit Open Workout 19.1

“This tradition continues in 2019: beginning with 19.1 on February 21, an international cohort of CrossFit affiliates and Sanctionals organizers will announce the Open workouts live.

Each week will bring its own look and feel, from workout releases on raw live-streams to head-to-head throw-downs with star athletes. The party and protocol will be determined by the host. Announcements will be available at Games.CrossFit.com and on the CrossFit Games social media pages.

Open Workout 19.1 will kick off with simultaneous announcements live from the U.K., France, and Brazil. Other weeks will follow suit, releasing each workout from different locations around the world.

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The Open will name national champions in over 150 countries and is an important step in determining the Fittest on Earth. It is also an event that connects the CrossFit community through shared suffering and celebration. The story of the 2019 Open and its announcements will be told by many voices around the globe. Sign up, tune in, and share your story in the Open.”¹

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