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5 Daily Habits to Accelerate Muscle Growth

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Learn useful daily habits to accelerate muscle growth, as selected by Muscle Monsters.

Daily Habits to Accelerate Muscle Growth

“The best way to continuously build muscle is to establish habits around a goal that is now second nature. Once these habits are in place, they will regularly require less thought and effort because they become automatic.”

“One of the biggest reasons most guys don’t build muscle is because they don’t take the time to let each habit set in place. Instead, they try to do too much at one time, get overwhelmed, and give up.”

“You’ve probably heard all the clichés about how long it takes to build a habit. And the truth is, most of those statements are overgeneralized, even if they are citing a study to back it up.”

“Depending on the person, different practices can take differing amounts of time to become part of someone’s lifestyle. So, plan to practice these habits until you notice yourself doing them with little thought or effort. Once that happens, you now have a new habit in place.”

“This video will cover five muscle-building habits every lifter should have in place to build their goal physique.”


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