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Emma Cary and Roman Khrennikov Win CrossFit Open 23.1 (Unofficial)

They are currently the world record holder of the event.

Emma Cary and Roman Khrennikov sit at the top of the Open 23.1 workout leaderboard the day after the deadline for scores to be submitted. CrossFit has not announced that scores have been verified and validated, but, as it stands, Emma Cary and Roman Khrennikov have won CrossFit Open 23.1 event.


As a reminder, the Open 23.1 workout was a repeat of 14.4:

AMRAP in 14 minutes of:

  • 60-calorie row
  • 50 toes-to-bar
  • 40 wall ball shots
  • 30 cleans
  • 20 ring muscle-ups

♀ 14-lb ball to 9-ft target, 95-lb cleans
♂ 20-lb ball to 10-ft target, 135-lb cleans 

During the live announcement, Laura Horvath and Lazar Dukic broke the world record, previously held by Sam Briggs and Richard Froning in their respective divisions. But rarely athletes who perform the Open live announcement finish at the top of the leaderboard for that workout and that is what we saw this week.

Emma Cary and Roman Khrennikov Win CrossFit Open 23.1 (Unofficial)

Although the scores for women during the live announcement were invalidated due to an error from CrossFit HQ of misloading the barbell, Horvath’s original score would not have been the highest either.

Emma Cary smoked through the competition and submitted a score with 10 reps above 2nd place Mal O’Brien.

In the end, the 19-year-old CrossFit athlete from the United States got 278 reps. In comparison, Briggs’s record from 2014 was 256 reps.

Roman Khrennikov is competing under the United States flag this year due to receiving a region exemption from CrossFit Inc.

The men’s division for the 23.1 CrossFit Open event was much closer than the women’s. Khrennikov finished on top of the leaderboard with 306 reps – 2nd placed Cole Greashaber finished with 304 reps. The Russian athlete broke Rich Froning’s previous record of 277 reps.

As explained earlier, the results are still unofficial. BOXROX will update this article as soon as CrossFit announces anything.

To check out the entire leaderboard for men, click here. For the women’s division, click here.

CrossFit Open 23.2 event will be announced this Thursday (23).

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