Mayhem Freedom Announces New Team Roster For 2021

Rulebook changes and personal developments meant that three of the four athletes comprising the Mayhem Freedom team in 2020, the most successful CrossFit Games team to date, are not able to compete in the team this season.

Rich Froning, team founder and captain, was forced to find replacements for Scott Panchik, Chyna Cho and Tasia Percevecz as CrossFit announced the return of the Affiliate Cup and its new eligibility rules.

The four-time CrossFit Games team champion took to YouTube last night to announce the new members of the team: Andrea Nisler, Taylor Williamson and Chase Hill.

Watch the reveal yourself:

Andre Nisler and Taylor Williamson are both 4-time team CrossFit Games athletes and 2018 team podium finishers. Chase Hill was part of team Mayhem Independence last season.


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Team Mayhem Freedom was created in 2015, when Rich Froning retired from the individual competition, and is the most successful team to date. The team has won four Games titles and second place finish since its inception:

  • 2015 CrossFit Games — First Place
  • 2016 CrossFit Games — First Place
  • 2017 CrossFit Games — Second Place
  • 2018 CrossFit Games — First Place
  • 2019 CrossFit Games — First Place

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