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FAQs: How to Submit Your CrossFit Open 21.1 Workout Score

The CrossFit Open workout 21.1 is out and there are many guidelines an athlete should follow to successfully submit a valid score online and start competing with people worldwide.

Do I need to submit a video recording? Do I need a judge’s validation? Can I perform the 21.1 workout all alone? How do I count the minutes in the video? What happens after I submit my score?

Fear not. Your answers are here. For more in-depth information, you can read 2021 CrossFit Games rulebook.

crossfit open workout 21.1 movement standards

You can see a breakdown of CrossFit Open 21.1 workout here. Learn how to scale down CrossFit Open 21.1 workout here.

How can I submit my CrossFit Open 21.1 Workout Score?

Athletes can submit their score online here. Log in and follow the steps to submit your 21.1 workout score.

What is the Deadline to Submit the 21.1 Workout Score?

Athletes have until Monday 5pm PT to submit their scores online.

Find the deadline to submit your score based on your timezone

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Do I Need to Submit a Recording of Me Completing the 21.1 Workout?

Not necessarily. You can perform 21.1 workout at a CrossFit affiliate. Once a non-video score has been submitted, it must be officially validated by an affiliate manager from the box where the workout was performed.

Affiliate managers must pass the online Judges Course each year to be able to validate an athlete’s score in 2021 CrossFit Open. The affiliate managers have 48 hours following the close of an Open event to validate scores.

Athletes can only compete in 2021 CrossFit Open via video submission or with a score validated by an affiliate manager.

Can a Coach Validate My Workout at My Own House?

Yes. However, the affiliate manager who validates your 21.1 workout performance must be a staff at the same box you are affiliated with.

Again, the coach must have passed the online Judges Course to be able to validate an athlete’s score in 2021 CrossFit Open.

Affiliate managers may not validate scores for athletes who perform an Open event at home and are not members of that affiliate.

Can I Complete CrossFit Open 21.1 Workout Alone?

Unfortunately not. CrossFit Games rulebook says that athletes submitting videos “should have someone monitor their movement during the event”, although that person does not need to be a CrossFit coach or athlete, it can be anyone.

You should also film your workout in case your score requires validation.

The video needs to follow rules and is subjected to being re-evaluated by the CrossFit Games internal review team.

  • The video must show the athlete performing the movements in a clear manner.
  • Angles, distances, or lighting effects that do not allow the internal review team to evaluate can result in score penalties or invalidation.
  • Fisheye lenses are not allowed to be used for video recordings due to the visual distortion they create.

How Do I Time My CrossFit Open 21.1 Workout?

A timer must be present at all times when submitting a video recording of 21.1 workout.

A good alternative, if you are recording the movements alone, is to use the Wodproof app that allows you to record videos while maintaining a stopwatch on the screen.

Do I need to Wear Something Specific?

CrossFit Games rulebook specifically mentions that the athlete’s attire should not interfere with the judge’s view.

If a judge cannot confirm the athlete is meeting the movement standards, the submitted score may be altered or invalidated.

I Submitted the Video, Now What?

After submitting the CrossFit Open 21.1 workout video, it will be reviewed by CrossFit Games internal team.

Four outcomes may be applied to an athlete’s video submission.

  1. Good video: the athlete meets the required movement standards on all repetitions in the event and the score posted is correct. The score is accepted.
  2. Valid with minor penalty: throughout the video, the athlete demonstrates a small number of “no reps”. A minor penalty will be applied and a score adjustment will be made to the athlete’s final score.
  3. Valid with major penalty: in the video, the athlete demonstrates a significant number of “no reps” that result in a faster time or higher score for a given event. A major penalty will be applied to the athlete’s final score.
  4. Invalid: over the course of the video, the athlete fails to complete the event as required, a significant and unacceptable number of reps performed are “no reps”, or the video does not meet the submission standards. The athlete’s score may be rejected and the video removed from the CrossFit Games website. The athlete may submit a new video before the deadline.

The 2021 CrossFit Open

The CrossFit Open is a three-week online competition that brings together athletes around the world. It marks the start of the CrossFit season and is the first step towards qualifying to the CrossFit Games.

The Open is the largest participatory sporting event in the world and athletes from all ability levels and backgrounds complete three workouts over three weeks. The event brings the CrossFit community together and is a time of personal bests.

All CrossFit Open workouts are released on a Thursday at 5pm PT and scores must be submitted by the following Monday. CrossFit will announce the workouts live, and the reveal will be followed by two top athletes throwing down head-to-head.

The 2021 CrossFit Open is the most inclusive Open to date. In addition to the usual RX and Scaled divisions, CrossFit has added Foundations and Equipment Free divisions, as well as eight adaptive divisions.

The CrossFit Open kicked off on March 11 and runs until March 29.

You can still signup in time to complete CrossFit Open 21.1 workout and compete with people around the world.

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