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8 CrossFit Workouts to Celebrate K-9 Veterans Day

Incorporate these 8 CrossFit workouts in your training agenda to celebrate K-9 Veterans Day. On 13 March it is celebrated K-9 Veterans Day in the United States of America and BOXROX wants you to honor these furry unique members of the military by sweating through these CrossFit workouts.

National K-9 Veterans Day is a day set aside to celebrate and remember the service and sacrifices of the American military and working dogs throughout history.

It was on March 13th, 1942, the US Military began training for its new War Dog Program, also known as “K-9 Corps”, marking the first time dogs were officially part of the US Armed Forces.

1. “K-9 CHUCKY”

4 Rounds for Time

  • 1 Deadlift (275/205 lb)
  • 25 Kettlebell Swings (53/35 lb)
  • 19 Box Jumps (24/20 in)
  • 11 Burpees

This workout is in honor of Sheriff K-9 Chucky, shot and killed in the line of duty after taking down an armed suspect in January 2019.

You should do one round for each year of his service. The rep scheme 1/25/19 signifies the date when Sheriff Chucky ended his watch. The final 11 burpees are a nod to his badge number.

Workout by coach Elizabeth Salinas from CrossFit Unchained.

2. “Mad Dog”

For time

  • 15-12-9-6-3 reps of:
  • Kettlebell taters (50% of your bodyweight)
  • Kettlebell over burpees (50% of your bodyweight)
  • 50-meter bear crawl shuttles (5 meters forward, 5 meters back)

For the first round, the athlete must complete 15 reps of kettlebell taters, 15 reps of kettlebell over burpees, and a 50-meter bear crawl shuttles.

The second round consists of 12 reps of kettlebell taters, 12 reps of kettlebell over burpees, and a 50-meter bear crawl shuttles. Perform the same pattern with the reps decreasing to 9, 6, and finally to 3.


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Workout by coach Luke Downing

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