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7 Home Workouts For Kids To Help Them Stay Active

Kids have a lot of energy to burn throughout the day, and what better way to channel all that energy than with a CrossFit workout. Obviously we’re not talking about your kids lifting 100lb+ weights, but CrossFit’s functional movements are ideal for kids looking to work up a sweat, as well as helping to build healthy workout habits.

Beyond simply keeping active, there are many reasons kids can benefit from CrossFit; from keeping fit to building confidence, CrossFit incorporates kids’ natural ability to play and enjoy themselves. Workouts also don’t take a lot of time, so you can easily keep your kids engaged for short periods of intense activity.

Here are 7 simple at-home workouts to get started.

1 Workout Zoo

3 Rounds of:

  • 20 sec. Bear Crawl
  • 20 Bunny Hops in place
  • 10 Inch Worms
  • 20 Frog Jumps in place
  • 20 sec. Duck Walk
  • 20 sec. Seal Crawl (use only arms to pull the body forward)
  • 20 Butterfly Kicks
  • 20 sec. Crab Walk
  • 10 Flamingo Curls (dumbbell curls with one bent leg raised, 5 each leg)

For this workout you will need two light dumbbells but two small water bottles or canned goods will work just as well.

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