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5 Fat Burning CrossFit Workouts For Conditioning That Will Transform Your Body

These fat burning CrossFit workouts will help you to condition and transform your body to become a fitter, faster, and overall better athlete.

4 “SURFER ON ACID” by Ben Bergeron

  • 3 Rounds for Time
  • 400 meter Run
  • 21 Burpees

Strategy: Max sustainable pace is the fastest pace an athlete feel they could hold for all three rounds without slowing down while taking into account the added burpees. This movement can also be approached in a similar fashion to the runs. What is the fastest pace I can hold here without slowing down?

Athletes can look at the time on the clock when they exit the gym after the first round to give them a target split to try and replicate for the following two. The second round will likely be the most difficult, so buckling down there both physically and mentally will be important.

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