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Five Effective “Work IN / WorkOUT” Training Concepts from James Newbury


How fast can you go? 

CrossFit Technique Tips: Improve your Bar Muscle Ups (or Get your First!)



“Easy Work In protocol for today… or is it?! Can you last 8min sitting in the bottom of a squat? Can you do it nose breathing only?”


Squat Everyday – Good or Bad idea?

This is such a controversial topic. I actually had a chat with Travis Mash where I wanted to do some myth busting around the misconceptions of “Squat Everyday” programs.

The key for this concept to work is to choose movement over performance.

The idea is to do some variation of squatting everyday. Even if that means using an empty barbell or 30% of your Back Squat at times just to explore and appreciate the range of motion being used. By doing this, you can improve your hip and ankle mobility as well.

You run into trouble when you let ego get in the way. So if you decide to squat to a MAXIMUM every single day, then you’re bound to run into issues. Knowing how to auto-regulate is a skill that is honed over time. Knowing when to push and when to back off.

Make it a point to get in the bottom of your squat every single day and get in touch with how things feel on that given day.

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