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Gymnastics Skills – 7 Steps To Breaking Through Your Plateaus

Step 4: What are you realizing?

Can you identify with any of the following?

  • “I’ve relied on solely the class workouts to work on [GOAL/MOVEMENT FROM STEP 1]. I’ve seen progress in other areas, but not towards the [GOAL/MOVEMENT FROM STEP 1]
  • “I can perform [GOAL/MOVEMENT FROM STEP 1] if I’m fresh, but if it’s during a WOD — no chance.”
  • “I haven’t really focused any dedicated time to build this skill aside from the scaling options performed in WODs.”

gymnastic wods female crossfitter ring muscle up eating right importance of recovery kippingSource: Stevie D Photography
Good movement is vital for success

Step 5: Priority or not

This is a sweeping generalization because every gym programs a little bit differently.

But typically GPP programming is not getting you better at your gymnastics skills IF [GOAL/MOVEMENT FROM STEP 1] shows up on the board once or twice every few weeks. After all, the intent behind a GPP program is to improve fitness overall, not necessarily specialize to focus around certain skills.

Great programs figure out the a way to balance the two goals in unique and creative ways to serve their community’s needs.

If you burnout really fast when you try to perform your [GOAL/MOVEMENT FROM STEP 1] in WODs — you need to condition your joints, tendons, ligaments, muscles, and overall structure to be able to handle the intensity.

This takes time, patience, and letting go of ego.

The questions:

  • When else am I working on the [GOAL/MOVEMENT OF CHOICE FROM STEP 1]?
  • And what exactly are you doing?
  • Am I willing to dedicate 15-20 minutes towards solely improving this [GOAL/MOVEMENT OF CHOICE FROM STEP 1]?

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