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Gymnastics Skills – 7 Steps To Breaking Through Your Plateaus

Phase 2: Static and Controlled Action

This is where I see the most roadblocks. Most people skip this step unknowingly. A lot of what we do in WODs or intense exercise consists of concentric contractions.

That’s great, but if we neglect isometric and eccentric strength, we’re failing to prepare the structure necessary to keep playing the game we want to play. For pull-ups, think about how it’s always explosive in a WOD. You’re kipping, doing butterfly, or just flailing your hips to get your chin over the bar.

Adding isometric and eccentric work in the right doses is one of the fastest ways to get stronger, especially if you haven’t given this much focus in the past.

Something I like to test for pull-ups is: How long does it take you to accumulate 60 seconds for a Supinated Grip Chin Over Bar Hold? How are you having to break up your sets?

Phase 3: Dynamic Action

This is where we spend a lot of our time. Especially if you rely on just metcons to work on your gymnastics skills. Kipping Pull-ups, Kipping HSPU, Kipping Muscle Ups, etc.

The problem is that if you spend most of your time here without keeping tabs on Phase 1 and 2 — you’ll run into a plateau or inch your way closer to injury.

Phase 1 and Phase 2 is what ALLOWS you to reach your potential in Phase 3.

If there’s no money in the bank in the above areas, it’s like swiping a credit card endlessly without ever paying it back.

Phase 4: Routines, complexes, sequences

Think of this as something like Handstand Walking or putting together complexes like 5 Strict Toes To Ring + 5 Kipping Toes To Ring.

We can figure out ways to challenge your movement if you’re at this level in a variety of ways.

This is a rabbit hole I’ll go down in another post because I want to highlight the first three phases and give them justice.

Step 7: Train those weaknesses?

If gymnasts are continuously refining the above phases and finding ways to master the fundamentals — why aren’t we? Check out these articles and start to weak on the exercises you want to improve:

Chest To Bar Pull-Ups

Toes To Bar

Pistol Squats

Ring/Bar Muscle Ups

Kipping/Butterfly Pull-ups

Handstand Pushups

Handstand Walking

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