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How to Scale CrossFit Open Workout 20.5 (Men, Women, Masters and Teens)


  • Film the rings (or pull-up bar), clearly show the weight of the medicine ball, and measure the height of the target. 
  • Videos must be uncut and unedited to accurately display the performance.
  • Your judge and a clock or timer must be visible throughout the workout. 
  • Shoot the video so all exercises can be seen clearly meeting the movement standards.
  • Videos shot with a fisheye lens or similar lens may be rejected. 

NOTE: Athletes submitting video submissions for review must be prepared to submit two separate videos: one of the workout following the typical video submission standards and a separate video specifically showing the calories on the Concept2 rower monitor. The display of calories on the monitor should be clearly visible throughout the workout, and the athlete should be visible getting on and off the rower. When submitting videos, send only the first video (full workout) in accordance with normal video submission standards. CrossFit may require the second video (rower calories) and will provide further details at that time. Athletes who are unable to produce the second video upon request may be determined to have an invalid score.  

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