Invictus X Win Their Way Back to the Games for the Second Time This Season

The Granite Games have wrapped up and the new winners and faces going to the Games have been established.

Athletes within 27 divisions competed this weekend, ranging in ages from 14 to 60+.

This was the penultimate Sanctional before the CrossFit Games.


Female Pro

  1. Emily Rolfe (736)
  2. Carrie Beamer (708)
  3. Andrea Nisler (684)
  4. Taylor Williamson (656)
  5. Ehea Scherch (630)

Emily Rolfe earned her invite to the Games with her victory.

Male Pro

  1. Travis Mayer (712)
  2. Brent Fikowski (648)
  3. Nick Bloch (632)
  4. Justin Medeiros (622)
  5. Saxon Panchik (618)

Nick Bloch is the new face heading to the Games on the men’s division.

Pro Team

  1. CrossFit Krypton (1598)
  2. Invictus X (1558)
  3. RPM Central Beasts (1504)
  4. Alexis Jen Travis & Roy (1498)
  5. OPT Brutes (1424)

Invictus X secured their spot back to the Games – after having been disqualified following a teammate testing positive for banned PEDs – with their performance at the Granite Games.

Have a look at the full leaderboard here.


Only Justin Medeiros had won two individual events going into the last day of competition, but still sat third on the leaderboard (with 504 points) behind Saxon Panchik (512) and Travis Mayer (548).

Heading into Sunday with 504 points as well was Josh Gervais, sharing third place with Justin with only two events to go.

No female Pro athlete went into the last day of competition having won more than one event and the top three spots were more spread out than the men; Carrie Beamer led with 556 points, followed by Emily Rolfe with 542 and Andrea Nisler with 516.

Invictus X and RPM Central Beasts had both won three individual events going into the last day of competition, but were outperformed by CrossFit Krypton, who sat on top of the leaderboard with a 28 point lead coming into Sunday.

The penultimate workout of the Granite Games, “3/3/1”, was a true test and only two female and five male athletes finished within the time limit. It looked like this:

3 Rounds

3 on/1 off

  • 30/22 Calorie Bike
  • 20 TTB


  • 60 S2O

It wasn’t a problem at all for American Nick Bloch, who dominated the event and finished in 6:46, almost four minutes before second place.

The last workout established the leaderboards, and it was Emily Rolfe, Travis Mayer and CrossFit Krypton who won this year’s Granite Games.

Check out all the 2019 Granite Games Workouts here.

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