CROSSFIT NEWS – Lauren Fisher Will Change Region for 2018 CrossFit Season

Lauren Fisher: ‘As some of you may have noticed, I’ve spent a fair amount of time in Dubai lately. I traveled over here in November to visit my boyfriend while also preparing for the Dubai Fitness Championship. And since then we have been traveling around a bunch, but spend the majority of the time in Dubai. My boyfriend is currently working on getting his US visa while working in Dubai and since I graduated last summer I saw no reason not to stay with him while he’s going through this process and at the same time explore life in a different part of the world. So far I’ve loved every second of it, I have a great training environment, I have my boyfriend and I’m getting a whole lot of new life experiences.
Since I’m now in Dubai it means that I no longer will be competing out of the California region but rather the Meridian region. Something I’m both super excited about, but also slightly nervous since this is my first time in a new region.
California (West) regional you will be missed this year, but I know I will be rooting for all my California girls from afar. ❤
Looking forward to what this season brings’

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